The Art of Paper. Paper in Art

prof. Ewa Latkowska
(Academy of Fine Arts, Łódź)

Paper is a matter friendly to man, it is produced from natural sources and recovered in the process of recycling. Even though its production has been industrialised, the original, workshop methods of producing paper survived. Today they are perceived as a counterbalance to the industrially and virtually dominated reality. Recognised as the national treasure of Japan, in 2014 washi paper was introduced by UNESCO into a representative list of non-material cultural heritage of humanity. Until this day it is produced in Japan in its most sophisticated form.

Handmade paper returns to its glory also in other parts of the word. In Poland it is reborn mostly within the framework of workshop activities of artistic character. It finds its place in education and art. In education, the art of papermaking releases the creative potential, promotes social integration and teaches executive courage. In art paper allows the author to focus on the individualisation of their artistic statement. Modern artists give this ancient medium new forms of existence.

In my paper I will introduce the artists connected with the Paper Atelier of Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, established and ran by me for the last twenty years. I will present the art works of authors using traditional papermaking to make their own creative statements and I will also show my own works, i.a. those that were awarded during the international book competitions at Oshima Museum of Picture Books in Toyama.