Mono-No-Aware. Memories from Kyushu

prof. Agnieszka Rożnowska
(Fine Arts Academy, Warsaw)

Mono-no-aware, an expression reflecting the emotional experiencing of the nature and the world became to me a motif of artistic searches during my stay at Artist in Residence ASO on Kyushu Island.

70 days spent surrounded by beautiful and at the same time austere nature perched on a small piece of land allowed me to observe a dialogue of man, space and objects. I made an attempt to comprehend the aesthetics so different than the European vision of beauty. Enclosed by the mountains and the breathing ASO volcano and being in touch with the community of Ubuyama I had an opportunity to develop topics that I have been raising for many years: phenomenology of the body and clothing as a form of packaging to which we give meanings.

In consequence of many events and my intense work, I created such works as Keiro no hi, Micro-Macro or Linear Notebook, which made me complete a full circle. I returned to the idea of the world whose space has been revealed to me many years ago by Roland Barthes: the world of signs and their secret meanings.