On the Progress, Development and Background of the Work of Contemporary Young Wood Sculptor

Atsushi Hosoi
(Musashino Art University, Tokio)

I focus on the activities of young Japanese wood sculptors currently. In spite of the development of computer technology and the widespread use of 3D printers, young artists still dare to make and develop works using classical woodcarving techniques. And they are creating works of interest. What’s behind that? There may be various factors, but I guess that as a background to today’s situation the following conditions are affecting them as turning points.

First of all, in the relationship between Poland and Japan, it is important that Magdalena Abakanowicz’s works were introduced in Japan in the 90’s. Because at that time the human body sculpture was being avoided. Her expressions, which are deeply related to our living, had a great influence on us. In addition, a portrait sculpture of Funakoshi Katsura incorporating modernity based on the Buddha sculpture.

Appearance of Takashi Murakami who introduced animation and otaku culture to art.

And importantly, it is about 10 years ago that the reconsideration of the history of modern Japanese sculpture since the Meiji era began. It is considered that several conditions including these have formed today’s situation. Based on these backgrounds, I introduce young woodcarvings into human bodies, people, animals, plants, landscapes, etc.