Negative Space and the Issue of Transformation in the Process of Artistic Creation. Based on a Project Looking at Tokyo

prof. Aleksander Woźniak
(Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn)

This paper was created on the basis of a research project ran at the Faculty of Graphic Art, Tokyo University of the Arts. In the project, I present an author’s creative method, the so-called method of drawing strings, which was developed and used during an artistic residency in Tokyo. The aforementioned method inspired to a great extent by Hokusai Manga was used as a tool for identification and analysis of selected problems fundamental for the composition of an art work. In my paper I am presenting my conclusions, with special focus on the concept of negative space. I also refer to an interview that I did with Professor Seichiiro Miida from Faculty of Graphic Art, Tokyo University of the Arts and to my cycle of drawings and graphics entitled “Looking at Tokyo”, presented in December 2008 at BWA Gallery in Olsztyn.