prof. Aleksander Woźniak Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

prof. Aleksander Woźniak

An associate professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Warmia and Mazury University in Olsztyn. He works with students in multiple printmaking techniques: stone and aluminum lithography, intaglio – dry and acid techniques, linocut, woodcut, monotype, mixed media. He is also promoter and reviewer of students’ MA printmaking diplomas.

Due to the nature of the work, his scientific background involves mainly artistic activities in the scope of printmaking, as well as related projects in graphics technology. Over the years, he has worked with: color lithography done with lithographic stone and metal plate, offset printing (Przemiana, Przemiana 2 2006-2009 graphic cycles). Original explorations of mokuhanga woodblock techniques (2009-2013) have taken on a new, expressive face in his interpretation. In 2014, based on the presented graphic cycles made with his original woodcut technique, he defended his postdoctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Graphics of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. At this time, he also carried out experiments regarding the creation of the Japanese technique of „Nagashi-zuki” paper making. In 2015, he published an article summarizing his search in aluminum lithography. In the years 2015-2017, he worked creatively mainly on largeformat black and white graphics in oiled woodcut. In 2018, he completed an artistic project regarding creative imaging with drawing streams. This project involved a stay (visiting researcher) at the faculty of graphics of the Tokyo University of Arts in Japan. The project resulted in the creation of an artistic piece involving around 1,200 illustrations and graphics which were presented during an individual exhibition at the Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions in Olsztyn in 2018. Documentation of this project is available at: