prof. Yasuyuki Saegusa Faculty of Art, SOJO University, Kumamoto

prof. Yasuyuki Saegusa

The artist and designer born in 1958 in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. In 1986, he established design studio Drawing Sense – LUNACY. Since 2000, he has been the Professor of Sojo University (Design Dept., Faculty of Art), and abroad in diverse countries. His work is graphic design that connects theaters and daily reality. The theater exists as a place of expressing empathy and pleasure of existence of humans from ancient times by using allegory or metaphor. It is the place of “Story within a story” in a place like so-called real Nest. Drama and dance are arts that explore the truth of human existence through language and body. And another related theme is to create a culture that links nature and human with the power of art. Currently, he has been carrying out art festivals and residence projects for 10 years at Mount Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture.