Rina Matsudaira Sony Music, Kyoto

Rina Matsudaira

The artist was born in 1989 in Hyogo, Japan. In 2012, he received B.F.A. in Japanese Painting and in 2014 – M.F.A. in Japanese Painting at the Kyoto City University of Arts. His works have been presented on many exhibitions, i.a. on solo exhibition “insider-out” (Dai-ichi Life Gallery, Tokyo, 2017), and solo exhibition “Gazing at Evil Retribution” (KAHO GALLERY, Kyoto, 2018). He was awarded i.a. with Grand Prize at “Garyuzakura Japanese Painting Grand Prize” (Hida Kuraiyama, 2011), Second Prize at “Shoku Kyoto Nihonga Shinten” (Museum “Eki” KYOTO, Kyoto, 2016), and with The Best Young Artist Award by City of Kyoto (2017). His works are found in numerous collections, i.a.: in Takayama City (Gifu), Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art in Kyoto.