Joanna Zakrzewska, Ph.D. Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Gdańsk

Joanna Zakrzewska, Ph.D.

A graduate of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (Japanese studies), calligrapher and illuminator, lecturer at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Gdańsk (Japanese language course, History and Culture of Japan, calligraphy), PhD at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Interested in aesthetics of Japanese art, calligraphy and ink painting in particular. In 2019 received a third rank Japanese calligraphy master in Seifū school. Graduate of the Krakow School of Calligraphy, Illumination and Related Fields. Runs workshops and shows of Latin as well as Japanese calligraphy and illumination. Active both in the academic field (the monograph “Sakuteiki – the notes of setting up the gardens”, “Reconsider the Beauty. Japanese calligraphy aesthetics”, numerous scientific publications, lectures, conferences) and artistic (individual and collective exhibitions and workshops).